Hosted Diallers

Hosted diallers from KSL Connect

Hosted Diallers

KSL Connect offers a choice of two predictive dialling products which can be tailored to suit the needs of any call centre, large or small.

VICIDIAL Contact Centre Suite

VICIDIAL is an open source hosted dialling suite that offers a complete inbound and outbound calling solution. As a cloud-based VoIP product, it offers the major advantage of keeping hardware costs down as all that’s needed is an internet connection and PCs or laptops. What’s more, there are no software licensing costs involved in installing VICIDIAL and agents can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

The KSL Connect Auto Dialler User Interface

Whilst the standard VICIDIAL product offers a host of functionality and features, its interface doesn’t suit everyone. KSL Connect’s own auto dialler user interface offers an alternative which can boost agents’ productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction.

The KSL Connect auto dialler user interface is a bespoke product which sits on top of VICIDIAL and provides a more user-friendly experience. In turn, this helps businesses manage their call centre and agent performance more effectively, whilst providing enhanced customer service.

Like the standard VICIDIAL product, the KSL Connect system provides real-time information and functionality using web-based user and management interfaces.

Features and benefits

These include:

  • Agent interface

    The auto dialling user interface makes life easier for agents, guiding them clearly through the customer journey with intelligent scripting. Information is presented, and new data captured, in an attractive format that’s easy to read and use. The interface can be seamlessly integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system if required, which helps with ongoing account management.

    Contact centre wallboards can also be supplied to provide live data on call traffic volumes and agent performance – a useful tool to help motivate teams.

  • Administrative and management tools

    The KSL Connect team can manage hosted diallers or call centre managers can do some or all of this work themselves if they prefer. The system works intuitively, enabling the simple set-up and management of inbound and outbound calling campaigns, adding and removing of agents, and monitoring of call centre and agent performance.

    KSL Connect customers can also control their team’s access preferences, assigning single or selected campaigns, or all campaigns, to individual users.

  • Advanced reporting and customer insights

    Understanding the customer is crucial for any call centre. KSL Connect’s sophisticated reporting functionality provides the necessary information for successfully identifying and engaging with audiences. The KSL Connect team can even help call centres set realistic targets and provide the support needed to achieve campaign goals.

    Naturally, the reports also cover agent performance, tracking call activity and sales results in real time. Call centres can set and monitor targets such as minimum or maximum call times, or number of calls per hour. All calls are recorded, so selected conversations can be replayed for training, quality or investigative purposes.

  • Data management

    KSL Connect can load data onto auto diallers on a call centre’s behalf, or managers can do this themselves. The expert team at KSL Connect can also provide ongoing support to help make sure each customer is contacted at the right time and in the right way by helping businesses manage their call lists and campaigns.

A complete solution

The hosted dialler packages from KSL Connect provide everything that’s needed to set up a successful call centre – hosting, phone numbers and bundled minutes. The KSL Connect team will configure servers and individual computers with each customer’s choice of product and provide training to agents if required.

Each telecoms package is priced per agent, per month, so customers only ever pay for what they need. It’s quick and easy for call centres to scale operations up or down as they evolve.

Once everything is up and running, the KSL Connect team will be on hand to provide ongoing technical support and advice to help call centres get the most from their management solution.

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