Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO from KSL Connect

KSL Connect works both with BPO providers and directly with clients using third parties, to provide high quality, tailored call centre solutions, expert advice and 24/7 technical support. Industry-leading consultancy and training services are also available where required.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

In call centre terms, BPO is simply a third party service that manages inbound and/or outbound calling services for companies that don’t want to offer these in-house. Businesses operating across any industry sector can use a BPO contact centre to manage, for example, sales and lead generation calls, customer service calls and technical support helplines.

Hosted auto-diallers for BPO providers from KSL Connect

The advanced call centre technology offered by KSL Connect is a great choice for BPO services. Companies can choose from the standard VICIDIAL Contact Centre Suite or opt for the bespoke KSL auto dialler user interface which sits on to of VICIDIAL.

The latter offers a range of enhanced features that enable BPO call centre managers to maximise operational efficiency and productivity, increase agents’ job satisfaction levels and, crucially, offer end customers the best possible service and call experience.

Either option presents a complete inbound and outbound calling solution featuring cutting-edge software that can be configured to allow BPO call centres to manage multiple campaigns for different clients simultaneously.

Working directly with clients

Where clients prefer to keep control of their own data, KSL Connect can work with them to provide sophisticated call centre solutions that meet their individual needs. In such cases, the client and not the BPO provider will own and be responsible for their chosen predictive dialler system.

The client will either have their own BPO service in place already, or KSL Connect can help to source an appropriate provider.

Why use a BPO provider?

The benefits to direct clients of using a BPO call centre include:

  • Avoiding the cost, time and resources needed to set up and manage an in-house call centre
  • Taking advantage of cheaper labour and running costs associated with overseas BPO call centres
  • The reassurance that customers will receive high quality service to pre-agreed levels from trained and experienced agents.

Naturally, all KSL Connect direct clients will also benefit from the excellent customer service and technical support provided by the expert team, as well as state of the art call centre technology.

Find out more

For more information on how working with KSL Connect can benefit BPO providers, or businesses that use them, please get in touch.